NINI SWIM - Sexy & Sustainable

The summer 2021 NINI SWIM collection was created under the name of Sexuality and Sustainability, for NINI these were the two most important aspects to consider when designing. For her, the primary motivation has always been to increase women’s self-confidence, this is how she created her first success piece, the Pombag in 2015. She always wanted people to turn around after the NINI women on the streets because of her creations or simply because of their radiance. NINI wanted to make women who wear her swimwear feel confident and sexy. The other important value that NINI has now put at the forefront is sustainability, to which she also pays great attention to when making her handbags, always working with timeless designs and materials, as well as local production is a must for the designer. The pieces in this year’s swimwear collection are made from 100% recycled materials, from high quality, sustainable ECONYL® recycled nylon. Nylon waste that otherwise pollutes the land, such as plastic bottles and fishing nets, is converted into recycled nylon. It’s exactly like brand new nylon, but it can be recycled, recreated and reshaped.