“Every day you wake up and you decide what you want to be, You are the director of your life, your own movie, with choosing what you wear, you tune in to your own reality.” - NINI

The eponymous lifestyle brand was founded by the Budapest born designer Nini Molnar. She was away from her motherland since her teen years, lived in Miami, studied in London meanwhile discovering a new world of her own, to make her dreams come true.

NINI is observing life from a positive point of view, not afraid to enjoy life and to work hard at the same time. This two contrasting mindsets are what is fuelling the NINI girls every day and keeps them inspired. NINI is the the light on the sky, the proof that everything is possible, the shinning star, your lucky charm and everyday sparkle.

A treasure box of all the beauties of life, brave and bold statement pieces to fall in love with and to turn heads on the streets. Eclectic style, strong colors, retro silouettes, generation proof pieces, fun feels, shinning gold, modern aesthetics with an air of nostalgia, joire de vivre with a hint of provocateur attitude.


We are all the stars of our own life and in the NINI movie always the good girl wins in the end.