Today we are standing here strong together, because since many years ago, other women have been fighting to make the path walkable for me and you today. Women in history have always stood together strongly, supported each other, shouted "GO", so we can be who we are today.
We believe women always stood side by side and created a strong circle together, a circle of power so they could do anything that was not possible until before their joint their forces. In NINI's eyes his togetherness and power of women together, has always been one of the strongest and most beautiful powers in the world and because of her aim is always to bond her community together and with her creations give them power and make them feel invincible. When a woman feels strong, unstoppable and respected, she will shine like a star and is able to achive whatever she wants in this universe and this energy will inspire others to become like her. To stand on their own and feel the light, on their own path, on their own way.
NINI created the NINI WOMEN Campaign to introduce some of our dear customers who became friends and family throughout the years. We wanted to show you the colorful army that stands behind our brand, the different personalities, shapes and styles of women who embodies the NINI WOMEN for us. Our army consists of mothers, doctors, entrepreneurs, beauticians and from many different fields of life. 
On the shooting day, everyone represented their own style with their favourite NINI handbag which represents them the best, the real and inner character, soul and personality. Our customers believe their NINI handbags help them to always stand out from others, they feel the power and femininity when holding our creations. They always have NINI's belief in their mind that they are a very beautiful, unique sparkling star shining in the sky. The sky's the limit for them and through the light or darkness, they have the power to always shine.
Our campaign aimed to capture or customers true and bold character and the confidence they receive from wearing our creations. Her goal is to pass her way of life on to her customers and encourage them to live, fight and love fiercely. NINI is created by strong women for strong women. If you are ready to embrace your true self, grab a bag of ours and conquer the streets. 
We are looking forward to seeing how You, beautiful ladies will style these designs and express ourselves through fashion. We wish You a day full of wonders.