GAHSP Cover girl: Interview with NINI about SELF-LOVE

GAHSP Címlap lány: Interjú Ninivel az önszeretetről

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Interview with September cover girl
on Self-LOVE
GAHSP: What are the ways to learn self-love and to teach each to future generations?
NINI: Huh, hard question because I am still mastering self-love at the moment. I think like everything else in life, self-love also comes and goes, but I believe it’s good, since we can experience both the presence and the absence of it, therefore we can appreciate the times when we have it. If we would not know how does it feel not to have it, we would not know how blessed we are when it is present. For me, self-love is prioritizing ourselves, but naturally not in an egoistic, selfish way. It's more like putting boundaries in work, friendships and love, eating the right food, being around the right people and creating a healthy work-life balance.

GAHSP: In the age of social media self-love often suffers. How do you think we can try to prevent that? As an individual creator and as a head of a fashion brand?
NINI: It is sooo difficult, even for me as an influencer/ fashion entrepreneur. The social media is getting crazy, everyone became a professional photographer and retoucher. I am not a big fan and talent of re-touching images, so I feel like I am less skillful than other girls with my not so good photoshop skills and I am also not up to date with the latest beauty apps. Therefore sometimes I feel like I “look worse”. I also just realized my slight unhealthy addiction to pretty filters on IG stor. My work towards to self-love this month will be to stoping using filters and accepting myself the way look without filters. I decided not to use filters in entire September in my stories. I hope by the end of the month I will accept myself even without a little “Paris” filter. Shall we make a movement out of this? No filter September

GAHSP: Do you think self-love has to absolutely correlate with our bodies and the image of ourselves?

NINI: I don’t think so, sometimes we are in the shade, and we don’t see clearly. Someone’s body can be „perfect” but she might not see it. It happened to me. At that moment, you have to dig deeper into why it is that and not only try to change your look maniacally.

GAHSP: Many believe that any love starts with love to oneself. Do you believe that to be true?

NINI: I absolutely believe this is correct. I even got goosebumps now, so it’s true! Your energy, your vibration is totally different if you are aligned with yourself. I think, if we are not good with ourselves we send these signals out and others feel that you are not ready to let anyone in or we attract people on the same frequency, which is not good either. In the end, how can you give love and love someone if you don’t love yourself?

GAHSP: If you’re comfortable sharing, were there any times you struggled with loving yourself? And if so, how did you manage to overcome that?
NINI: Yes sure, I think it happens to all of us. I believe the first important step is to realize you have problems with loving yourself than you can try to understand how, when and why did that happen? I have reoccurring problems with it because I am quite of a maximalist and perfectionist, I want to have it all, do it all, and everything on a high-level. After all, I learned it’s not always possible to comes to that point when you have to prioritize and deeply understand what is your top 3-5 priorities in your life and you need to work towards those goals and not others. But for now, I learned and have many techniques to overcome those days or periods. Mediation, sports, healthy food, self-care - like a face mask, a warm relaxing bath, and focusing on myself. I also visit a coach occasionally who helps me with different techniques, I believe it’s worth to consult a professional, we don’t have to deal with everything alone. On the other hand, I also think we are the best doctors to ourselves as Ram Dass said “All that you seek is already within you.”