We believe the women creation is admirable, something like the sense of je ne sais quoi, mysterious, precious, shiny and hard to reach, something like the Hollywood stars of the 70s and the stars in the sky. But above all we do not have to be shy and fragile, NINI was picturing a vintage soul “go getter” kinda girl when she was drawing her very first sketch. Nini’s design DNA was created for a girl who believes in herself, loves herself and stands up for her goals and dreams. A girl who is not scared to stand out from all others, she laughs loud without any fear, a girl who is not worried about imperfection or failure and she will help herself to stand up even stronger than ever. A  girl who would run miles to show her shine to those who didn’t believe in her at first.

NINI girl has a touch of modern rebellious girl, with a chic vibe of the old Hollywood soul, a soul like Grace Kelly or Jane Birkin and other unforgettable women who went against all odds and prove the magical power within them, she can fly higher than the clouds when her heart is filled with love, she can achieve her most sacred dreams. NINI girl is a woman who is spontaneous and will decide in one night to take her bag and drive miles away on the road to the beach, to run barefoot on sands and breath in the salty air, she wraps her bright burnt orange Tuscany shade silk scarf around her head and feels the summer breeze playing with the string of her bikini.  She feels at home in her vintage car because she finds herself in every bits of the world, still feels the value of the land. NINI girl is a brave women who is ready to work hard and unafraid to meet life head on and have some fun along the way. She takes her bag with her essentials to run anywhere her heart desires, she travels light but lives strong. 

Nini Molnar followed her heart and she created her very first signature piece, the Pombag in 2015. A  girl who was away from her motherland since her teen years, she studied in London meanwhile discovering a new world of her own, to make her dreams come true. All the cultures she has came across during her exciting travels, all the priceless experiences,  encounters and memories of the past what made her become the woman of her dreams, the women she always wanted to be. 

Wherever she goes she ferrets out secrets of the town to find the real old treasures of the city. How the years pass she is continuously deepening her love for vintage pieces and her mothers 90s wardrobe. Her designs are filled with modern aesthetics but we also bring and air of nostalgia with the highest quality materials and details used. The shining gold star on the signature designs are aimed to remind you that you are one of those lucky free souls shining on the sky, the “go getter” kind of woman who to catch is hard like catching the sunrise but it’s worth to look at every single day. 

We are all the stars of our own life and in the NINI movie always the good girl wins in the end.